Our Responsibility


NiTTCo takes great pride in being actively involved in charities that take steps to end global poverty. We are committed to making a positive difference in communities that are faced with difficult social challenges by using all the global resources we have available to us. NiTTCo is also involved in financially supporting programs that build schools in the rural parts of Africa.


We are proud to lend a hand to the following organizations and initiatives:

Build Africa Kenya

Build Africa works with  rural communities in Kenya to provide adults and children with the opportunities and skills they need to improve their quality of life.


World Vision Canada

World Vision Canada is a non-profit charitable relief and development organization dedicated to working with children & communities struggling with poverty, hunger and injustice.







World Partnership Walk

World Partnership Walk supports  projects that revitalize a rural economy, ensure clean water and sanitation, strengthen community-based organizations and educate new generations of girls and women.


 world partnership


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